ANSI Art Framed
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One of the things that I loved when growing up was connecting to BBSes. Each night after school I’d hook the modem up to the family phone line and start a dialing program that would cycle through all the BBSes phone numbers till I connected to one. (usually they’d run on one or two lines so they were busy until someone disconnected). Once connected, many of them would have some sort of ANSI Art to welcome you to the system.

What is ANSI Art :

ANSI art is a computer art form that was widely used at one time on BBSes. It is similar to ASCII art, but constructed from a larger set of 256 letters, numbers, and symbols — all codes found in IBM code page 437, often referred to asextended ASCII and used in MS-DOS and Unix[1] environments. ANSI art also contains special ANSI escape sequences that color text with the 16 foreground and 8 background colours offered by ANSI.SYS, an MS-DOS device driverloosely based upon the ANSI X3.64 standard for text terminals. Some ANSI artists take advantage of the cursor control sequences within ANSI X3.64 in order to create animations, commonly referred to as ANSImations. ANSI art and text files which incorporate ANSI codes carry the de facto.ANSfile extension.

While this project isn’t really that hands on, it would still be cool to have a couple of these hanging around. You can have the images printed on plexiglass, build a wooden box with a grove to slide the plexiglass into and put a light behind it. This could be finished in 2 afternoons. Difficulty level of .



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