Solar Powered Collapsible Light
Posted by on Jan 16, 2012 in Electronics, Lights, Things I Want To Make

I’ve got a friend that spends alot of his free time backpacking. I think this next project is right up his alley. These small solar powered lights will collapse into a small square, where then you can hang them were ever you’d like to power up and then when their needed, you open them and they turn on. Ordering the solar panel and LED’s is the easy part and probably even the small amount of sewing to get the fabric correct, but finding a small enough switch and getting it to work correctly each time you open or close the light maybe the tough part. Still probably nothing that an order from Adafruit Industries wouldn’t fix.

The difficulty rating on this build would probably a 2  most of it easy, a small amount of soldering but your done in a couple hours.



found at [link]


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